Crows Feast

Crows Feast

Crows Feast is our premier Kings of War event, played with 2000 point armies that includes hobby scoring (painting). This event is played over 4 rounds using Clash of Kings type rules. While it is our premier Kings of War event all players are welcome to come along.

The event returned in 2016 as a Kings of War competition. Before that the competition was run as a Warhammer Fantasy Battle competition for many years. A permanent trophy has the name of all the winners inscribed on it.

Crows Feast 2020

This event has been postponed until there are suitable conditions for crowds to gather.

Crows Feast 2020 Players Pack 1.0

Competition results can be tracked onĀ Tabletop.TO

Crows Feast 2019

Back again for 2019, Crows Feast is running on Saturday May 11th.

Crows Feast 2019 Players Pack 1.1

Results on Tabletop.TO. Best painted army was Alan’s Trident Realms.

Crows Feast 2018

The armies are being mustered, ready for Crows Feast 2018. Players Pack provided below.

Crows Feast 2018 Players Pack

Crows Feast 2017

Crows Feast 2017 is running on April 8th. View the players pack here.


Our sponsors for this competition include Nerdvana Games SA and Jackal Laser Designs.

Best painted (Tim Cook)

Ross Dawe

Crows Feast Best General (Ross Dawe)

Results from the competition on April 8th

Crows Feast 2017 Result

PlaceNameArmyPointsDamage Caused
1Ross DaweEmpire of Dust686045
2Matthew NieldTwilight Kin676240
3Tim CookThe Herd583900
4Norman BlundenOgres525515
5Andrew KerekesElves515590
6Chris EarlOgres414705
7Lance HoldenOrcs382775
8Mark CookAbyssals344505
WithdrewSean DavisOrc & Goblin271725