Established in 1972 Group North Historical Wargames Society is the longest running and largest gaming club in South Australia. Members of the club play a large number of table top miniature games. If you have a system you want to find an opponent for there is bound to be someone here; and if there is something you want to try it shouldn’t be a problem finding someone with two armies and an interest in helping you learn the game.

The club meets weekly on Wednesday nights (main night) and Friday nights (by appointment). Extra days are also held as well. Club members running many leagues or open competitions where the public can join in.

The venue is in the Penfield sporting association grounds. As you enter in to the precinct our club is on your right and parking is available to the left. See the star on the map.

Membership is $80 for adults for a club financial year ($70 for renewing adults). There is a door fee of $4 per gaming night.