Firefight 2023

Firefight 2023 Flyer
  • Quick, mobile games
  • Late War, 35 point forces, 75 minute games, 5 rounds, 4’x4’ tables
  • Forces must be a legal formation with all black box requirements
  • No team may have more than 6 side armour
  • Command cards are eligible
  • Tailored missions – all missions have Deep Reserves rule, discouraging light tank hordes with front armour 4 or higher
  • All games Axis vs Allies where possible

Firefight 2022

Firefight 2022 Flyer

This is a friendly event with the emphasis on quick, mobile games. We aim to welcome newer and more casual Flames of War players. We will help players who are still learning, and armies are available to borrow.

Date:Saturday 2 April 2022, 9am – 6pm

Location: Group North Historical Wargames Society, 22 Woomera Avenue, Edinburgh

Tournament Organiser: Saravan Peacock (

Entry: $10 club members

$15 non members

(entry fee includes regular $5 door fee)

Rules: Version 4 (reprinted late war) rules, and clarified through:

Lessons from the Front (Nov 2021)

Missions are fixed and tailored for this event, details at Tables are 4’ x 4’.

Registration: To register, email the tournament organiser:(

Players Pack
Player Pack

Mission Packs
Mission Packs