Warrior Kings

Warrior Kings

Warrior Kings is our quick play Kings of War competition. While Crows Feast is for the serious side of competition, this one encourages new players and new armies to have be brought to the table.

Warrior Kings 2022

Rising from the ruins of the blight, champions now see that the time has come to advance the cause of their people while their enemies are still weakened. Accompanied by their most loyal soldiers that strive to make gains while they can.

There are 3 general sessions for Warrior Kings this year

May 28th – Facebook Event
June 26th – Facebook Event
July 30th – Facebook Event

A final session for the championship will be held

September 10th – Facebook Event This uses a custom players pack.

Sessions will be 3 games on the following schedule

10:00 – Venue Open
10:20 to 12:00 – Round 1
12:00 to 13:00 – Lunch
13:00 to 14:40 – Round 2
14:50 to 16:30 – Round 3
16:45 – Venue Close

The full players pack is available on Google Drive or attached here.

Warrior Kings 2018 – November 24th, 2018

Warrior Kings will run using the Clash of Kings 2018 pack. Three rounds are individual battles, the fourth round is an alliance of players.

The players pack is available, follow the link to Warrior Kings 2018 Players Pack.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Warrior Kings competition. We had 8 participants including some new players. The first three rounds were the competition rounds with the following results:

  1. Ross D. (Herd)
  2. Matt. N. (Orcs)
  3. Christopher E. (Ogres)
  4. Adam B. (Kingdom of Men)
  5. Mick F. (Dwarves)
  6. Tracy C. (Dwarves)
  7. Lance H. (Orcs)
  8. Michael C. (Abyssal)

The coalition fight was one by the pair of Chris and Adam against Ross and Mick.

Photos of the event

Warrior Kings 2017 – November 19th, 2017

Warrior Kings will run using the Clash of Kings 2017 pack with some modifications.

The players pack is available, follow the link to WarriorKingPlayersPack2017