Group North Historical Wargames Society

Group North is Adelaide’s longest running and biggest gaming club. We focus on tabletop miniature wargames, covering the range of styles from historical to fantasy to science fiction. Whether it be Flames of War, Fields of Glory, Kings of War or Warhammer 40K you’ll be able to find someone to play with.

The  club meets every Wednesday from 7pm till 11pm (or later). We also run regular competition events over weekends through the year and are available to be opened at any time by members request.

Non-members have four free visits where they have full access to our tables and terrain rooms. New membership is per calendar year with $90 for seniors and $70 for juniors. Door fees are $5 per session ($2.50 for junior) and can be pre-paid to have more nights available for free.

Membership forms are available here.

Our Group North Constitution is available and governs the actions of the club.

Club By-Laws are available from here.

You can follow our social activities at Facebook group (for chat),  Facebook page (for news and events).