Queens Birthday Wargames

Queens Birthday Wargames

On Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of June 2017 Group North will be throwing open its’ doors to allow a series of small wargame events to be played. Each event is free to enter though space may be limited for events so confirm with the hosts early that you are coming.

The Fall of Rome – Saturday 9am

A DBA Campaign for 8 – 20 players. This campaign allows 5 games of DBA over one day using a simple set of campaign rules and the standard DBA 12 element armies.

The DBA rules used will be “Version 3.0”. The DBA games are fought with 25mm figures on a 120x120cm board.

All terrain and figures can be provided, but you may bring your own 25mm figures/Army if you have one.

Fear Naught – Saturday 1pm

GaleForce9 Tanks are coming to Group North. We’ll be running a three round competition of 100 point battle groups. Swiss ranking will be used between the rounds with a mix of missions from the rulebook.

Players pack is available. Fear Naught Tournament Pack.

The Ogre Must Fall – Sunday 9am

A Blucher “doubles” Competition for 6-12 players. The rules set used will be Honor Games “Blucher”. The games are fought with 25mm figures on a 240x120cm board. All terrain and figures can be provided, but you may bring your own 25mm figures/Army if you have one. Each side of two players will field a single 240 point Blucher army.

Wings of Glory, World War I – Sunday

Rules: Wings of Glory WWI
Scale: 1/100 miniature airplanes (I think that is the WoG WWI scale)
Boards: either one or two 4×8 foot boards in one row, depending on the interest
No terrain is required – i.e. there are no flying rocks from Pandora, think air-space of generic Western Front Europe.

Scenarios will be worked out depending on the amount of players interested and players will be briefed upon the day. Bring along your airplanes, or feel free to borrow any of the airplanes from the organizer (e-mail if need to borrow). If you are interested to try this game out, don’t worry if not acquainted with the rules, more than happy to explain them on the day. Also, if you can’t come for the whole day, and only part of it, feel free to fly in whenever. Just let me know of this so I can figure scenarios out accordingly.

Intercepting Signals – Sunday 10am

A 5v5 Epic X-Wing event. Each player will control a 150 squad point single faction fleet (that includes Epic ships). Players will be divided into teams of Rebels/Scum versus Imperial/Scum. Each sides buffs will apply to all friendly ships on their team (regardless of faction or player).

The game will use the latest Epic rules + FAQ, and be run on a 3×9 or 3×12 gaming area, with 18 or 24 obstacles that can be placed anywhere (within normal placement rules).

The Intercepting Signals ensure there is only one named copy of each unique card in the entire side. Players will coordinate with the TO via facebook or email at queensxwing@groupnorth.club. First reserved players get the choice of unique cards. Used uniques will be listed.

The event allows card substitution (proxy for a real card as printed from the FFG images) but not ship substitution (no using a Z-95 as an X-Wing).

Guild Ball – Saturday 9am

A game of Guild Ball is being run for 8 to 16 players.


This game recreates The Battle of the Java Sea, which was a decisive naval battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II that sealed the fate of the Dutch East Indies.  Players will take the roles of the Imperial Japanese Navy Invasion Fleet and the American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Strike Force trying to stop them.

A Naval Thunder game for 4-10 players. The game will be played with 1/3000th Navwar miniatures on a 1.8m x 1.2m board.  All figures and equipment will be provided.


Check our some photo’s from the days activities.