What did we play last year?

All of the games at the club were recorded last year (or as best as possible, some may have slipped through). A game was recorded as a single table with a group of players. If the players had another try that was the same game, if the players at the table changed that was a new game.

Over the year the following game records were made (top listed games from the total play list of 51 game types and 313 plays across them):

Kings of War48
Flames of War36
Clash of Spears19
Bolt Action17
Chain of Command12
La Salle12
Team Yankee9
Warhammer 40K9
Cruel Seas7
Muskets and Tomahawks7
Warpath Firefight7
Victory at Sea6
A World Aflame4
Lion Rampant4
Martian Racing Federation4
Medieval Warfare4
Test of Honour4
The Men Who Would be Kings4
Top 22 games from 2021/22

All details available from the ODS spreadsheet linked above.