Lightspeed is coming again, the famous Rebel versus Imperial match that is run by Group North. Find details on the event page.

Queens Wargames run

Well the Queens Wargames was run. We had a great turnout to the historical events and our Epic X-Wing competition. Check out some photo’s from the day¬†


A month till the Queens Wargames

There is just over a month to go till we open up the hall for some one day events over the Queens Birthday weekend. There is space available for other clubs or people to organise events, contact us at to express your interest.

Crows Feast Results

The Crows Feast was run today for an excellent competition with close results.

Crows Feast 2017 Result

PlaceNameArmyPointsDamage Caused
1Ross DaweEmpire of Dust686045
2Matthew NieldTwilight Kin676240
3Tim CookThe Herd583900
4Norman BlundenOgres525515
5Andrew KerekesElves515590
6Chris EarlOgres414705
7Lance HoldenOrcs382775
8Mark CookAbyssals344505
WithdrewSean DavisOrc & Goblin271725

Check out the Crows Feast for more details and photos.

Trial Saturday openings

The Society is going to be trialling opening the club venue on a Saturday for the next month (starting from Sat 18th). The club will be open from 10am to 2pm. If there are people still playing by 2pm the opening will be extended to as late as 6pm. Standard door fees apply for members and cover the whole day (for those that leave for lunch or something and return). Guests will be required to sign the visitors book as normal as part of their four free visits.

The regular Wednesday session continues and Friday session is still available for those seeking to game.