Open Day 2022

50th Year Open Day

Group North is running our annual Open Day on September 25th. This year marks our 50th anniversary and will be an excellent chance to reconnect with gamers throughout the history of the club.

Follow along on the event page for more details, or keep up-to-date with the Facebook event.

What did we play last year?

All of the games at the club were recorded last year (or as best as possible, some may have slipped through). A game was recorded as a single table with a group of players. If the players had another try that was the same game, if the players at the table changed that was a new game.

Over the year the following game records were made (top listed games from the total play list of 51 game types and 313 plays across them):

Kings of War48
Flames of War36
Clash of Spears19
Bolt Action17
Chain of Command12
La Salle12
Team Yankee9
Warhammer 40K9
Cruel Seas7
Muskets and Tomahawks7
Warpath Firefight7
Victory at Sea6
A World Aflame4
Lion Rampant4
Martian Racing Federation4
Medieval Warfare4
Test of Honour4
The Men Who Would be Kings4
Top 22 games from 2021/22

All details available from the ODS spreadsheet linked above.

2021 Open Day, Sunday May 30th

Come and join us on Sunday 30th of May for the Group North Historical Wargames Society, open from 10am to 3pm.

There will be demonstration games and our second hand stall. Food available for sale.

The event will run in a COVID-19 safe manner.