2021 Open Day, Sunday May 30th

Come and join us on Sunday 30th of May for the Group North Historical Wargames Society, open from 10am to 3pm.

There will be demonstration games and our second hand stall. Food available for sale.

The event will run in a COVID-19 safe manner.

Flames North 2021

This is a friendly tournament with quick games to help both new and experienced players get their armies onto the table and play more fun battles. We will help players who are still learning, and armies are available to borrow if you don’t have a full force yet.

Date:Saturday 1 May 2021, 9am – 6pm

Location: Group North Historical Wargames Society, 22 Woomera Avenue, Edinburgh

Tournament Organiser: Saravan Peacock (flamesnorth@groupnorth.club)

Entry: $10 club members

$15 non members

(entry fee includes regular $5 door fee)

Rules: Version 4 (reprinted late war) rules, and clarified through:

Lessons from the Front (Oct 2020) https://www.flamesofwar.com/portals/0/Documents/Version4/LessonsFromTheFront-V4-NB.pdf

Scenarios are fixed, refer to the revised Missions pack for scenario rules: https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/FOWMissionsNB.pdf

More details on the Facebook event

Wargamers for Wildlife

Supporting Wildlife Recovery on Kangaroo Island.

Most people are aware of the devastating fires across south eastern Australia earlier this year. These fires not only caused fatalities and property loss but destroyed thousands of square kilometres of national parks and untouched wilderness areas. The losses in wildlife were catastrophic including many highly endangered species. Local volunteers have been working to locate, recover and heal the injured and to take steps to protect the tiny numbers of surviving animals. In South Australia the fires destroyed 99% of the Flinders Chase national park, and thousands of hectares of private bushland. Tens of thousands of Koalas perished as did millions of other smaller creatures. I recently visited the area and for as far as you could see was black stumps and bare ground where mature trees had grown. No life. Not even a fly or an ant in the worst areas.

So what can you do to help?

So our club, Group North, is calling on wargamers to help us save this tiny marsupial from extinction. All money raised will go the Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife Inc. group to help in their critical work. We are being supported by a range of sponsors to provide incentives for your help. In late December everyone who has donated will have their name added for every $5 they donate and will be drawn at the club’s end of year function.

Our generous sponsors have provided:

  • Cigar Box Battle – a battle mat of your choice and shipping
  • Fighting Hedgehog – a hard cover rulebook of Clash of Spears plus shipping in US and Europe
  • Barrage Miniatures – 2 x €50 vouchers
  • Paint and Glue Miniatures – £60 voucher
  • Empires at War – £40 voucher

How do I pay? If you are local payment can be in person at the club or via PayPal, for others use our dedicated PayPal account. Send payments to gnfund@outlook.com and provide your name (if not obvious in the payment) and country.


No Open Day 2020

For those who were wondering if the Open Day was on (traditionally this weekend) we have delayed it this year due to COVID-19 measures. We are planning on running our Open Day in the first half of next year.

If you want to have a reason to game at the club though the Warrior Kings competition is running on November 14th with the Kings of War 3rd edition rules.

Painting Tattoo 2020

The 2020 Painting Tattoo was held at our AGM on the 30th of September. There were many great displays put out by club members.

We had a great turn out across all the three categories (Individual, Skirmish and Army) and the competition was so tight we had a draw in two categories. Thank you to everyone who put their miniatures up for display.

Thank you to the sponsors for the prizes with Military Hobbies, Table Top Warfare and Dragons Lair Salisbury.


1st Place – Greg H., Teutonic Army

2nd Place – Steve W., Saxon Army


1st Place – Alan S., Arena Rex Morituri

1st Place – Mick F., Fallout Survivors


1st Place – Lance H., Hecate Mythic Battles

1st Place – Steve W., Star Wars Legion

All of the entries can be see on our Facebook Album.

Club is open

Group North is complying with all of the COVID-Safe plan actioned by the state government. This lets us enjoy our regular gaming nights again. There are a few extra cleaning steps around the club to help keep everyone safe and we currently have restrictions on all day gaming events but otherwise come on in to continue playing game or use some of your free visits to check out the club.
Wednesday nights are still the main gaming night but we are working on bringing back Friday night gaming too.

Closed during COVID-19

I wish to advise members and guests that the committee of Group North have unanimously decided to close the club’s facilities immediately in line with the government’s decision to have no non-essential gatherings indoors.

We will not be open Wednesday night for games and will not re-open until the government lifts these restrictions.

Our club is in a sound position financially and we intend to recommence operations as soon as we can.

The committee hopes all club members and those who are members of this Facebook page all the best for themselves, family and friends. Please stay safe during this difficult time and keep posting what you are doing as many isolated people will benefit from an active online community.


Mike Allen President GNHWS.

COVID-19 response

With the current COVID-19 health situation Group North is remaining open following the government guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and limiting numbers. This will be monitored continuously as the weeks go by.

People who are unwell or have a family member unwell should not attend. We will not be running any open tournaments or other events until it is safe and sensible to do so. Members should check their emails for more detailed information. The upcoming Crows Feast competition, on May 2nd, has been canceled.

I hope we all pull through this and are able to roll dice again in the not too distant future.

Stay safe. Mike Allen President GNHWS Inc.