Club Night – Wednesday 18th January

Thanks to everyone who came out to play tonight. We had a mix of games happening. There was this lovely Team Yankee table.

Some DBA being practiced for CanCon and some Fields of Glory games.

Some DBA being practiced for CanCon and some Fields of Glory games.

A Kings of War game from our Vanguard league.

And because we are happy with all games being played, some Star Wars Destiny.

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year fellow wargamers. The club is looking forward to providing another year of great game playing. Our regular gaming nights are available on Wednesday and Friday and we will be adding some Saturday afternoon sessions through the year.

We’ll also continue activities for our club such as Open Day on October 29th and some of our regular competitions such as Crows Feast, LightSpeed, Warrior Kings and anything else that is organised during the year.

We look forward to all our existing members returning and encourage anyone who wants to look for a new place and group to play games with to take advantage of their four free visits to the club and come along to any regular opening session.

Between the holidays gaming

It was a quiet night at Group North last night, hopefully because everyone was at home preparing their new miniatures for battle. In the mean time was managed to get a few group played games going.

Some Tanks action was happening,

A few players were in practicing for the X-Wing regionals

and finally we had a large player game of DBA running.